2024 Pen Testing Report

Penetration testing has become a cornerstone of proactive security strategies by offering a practical way to assess security by using real-world attack techniques to gauge the feasibility of a threat actor compromising an IT enterprise. Through the exploitation of security vulnerabilities, pen testers can determine which security weaknesses pose the most risk and provide guidance for remediation.  

To better understand how cybersecurity professionals incorporate pen testing and other offensive security tactics, Fortra’s Core Security runs an annual global survey. The 2024 Penetration Testing Report examines the results of this year’s survey and serves as a resource for organizations to compare with their own proactive practices and make informed decisions to strategically enhance the security posture. 

With 72% of respondents reporting that penetration testing has prevented a breach at their organization, the value of penetration testing is well established. Though continuing financial challenges remain an obstacle, 83% of respondents still prioritize running at least one-two pen tests a year, further demonstrating that pen testing is considered worthwhile. 

The report features more insights from cybersecurity professionals across various industries, sharing their experiences with pen testing, including: 

  • Reasons for pen testing
  • The impact of compliance initiatives
  • Usage of in-house teams and third-party services
  • Frequency of pen testing 
  • Evaluation criteria for pen testing tools 
  • Relationship to red teaming  
  • Commonly tested infrastructures and environments 

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