Cybersecurity Insiders 2019 Insider Threat Report


Many organizations are so concerned with securing their perimeter against external threat actors, they forget that some of the most dangerous threats come from insiders, be they malicious or negligent. 

The 2019 Insider Threat Report from Cybersecurity Insiders is a comprehensive survey of organizations and their security teams, exploring the evolution and ongoing challenges of insider threats.

Within the report, you'll find insights from cybersecurity professionals across industries on details about insider threats, including:

  • Most vulnerable assets, applications, and data
  • Insiders that post the most risk
  • Accidental threats
  • Insider attacks in the cloud

Additionally, you can learn about strategies organizations are using to effectively respond to these threats, like security policy enforcement, identity & access management, and post breach analysis. With 70% of respondents agreeing that insider attacks are becoming more frequent, advanced planning and preparation is more important than ever.

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