Is Your Data Protection Plan Missing Something?

Follow these five steps for improved data protection and security


As businesses produce prolific amounts of data, security strategists need to know how to secure it. Without organizing new swaths of information, unstructured data could languish on servers and remain undetected and unprotected. Data protection services are built to help organizations take charge of their digital assets and create a culture of data hygiene that will ensure all data that comes into your network is accounted for and safe. 

The solutions you’ll find covered in this eBook include: 

  • Identifying data diamonds 
  • Discovering where your data hides 
  • Classifying data by value 
  • Defending your data with security policies 
  • Keeping track of your data protection as threats evolve 

By building on these five principles, businesses will be prepared to bring new amounts of information into the organization and scale securely. 


Learn the 5 must-haves of data protection when you download the eBook, 5 Steps to Effective Data Protection.  

Did you know that an organization’s critical data — around 2% of total data — can account for 70% of its market value?

Learn how to protect your critical information with Fortra’s market-leading data protection solutions. How do you enforce protective policies in the cloud? What are the common challenges facing organizations when it comes to locking down sensitive data today? And how can you overcome them regardless of your current level of security maturity? Fortra has the answer, and the answer is enterprise-ready data protection software.  

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Find out how to craft your data protection strategy today when you download your eBook, 5 Steps to Effective Data Protection.  

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