Industry-first Integration from Fortra Allows Organizations to Supercharge Their Automation Footprint

Newly released Automate Execution Method leads to improved process efficiency, increased productivity, and faster turnaround times.

MINNEAPOLIS—May 4, 2023— Fortra announced today a compelling connection between JAMS, its top-rated workload automation and job scheduling solution and Automate, its robotic process automation solution. This first-of-its-kind integration allows organizations to supercharge their automation footprint by incorporating Automate’s low code approach to building automation with the powerful orchestration capabilities of JAMS.

“Business users are looking to build automation more than ever before but require a user-friendly solution to help streamline manual tasks associated with legacy systems and third-party websites,” said Dan Laun, Managing Director of Automation at Fortra. “Likewise, we recognize that the need for connectors to applications has increased significantly.”  

The integration also comes as more organizations turn to hyperautomation, the concept of automating as many processes as possible using a mix of tools and technology to further transform operations.

The new Automate Execution Method simplifies job creation, leading to improved process efficiency, increased productivity, and faster turnaround times for tasks such as report generation, data entry, and employee onboarding. Through Automate’s no-code, drag-and-drop development, users can leverage predefined native actions to common applications, connect to API endpoints, and use a built-in step recorder to capture user actions on a website or desktop application. 

Automate can also be used to create complex automation workflows using steps, logic, and more. Users can then schedule, manage, and run their RPA workflows directly from JAMS.

“We’re excited to help our customers bridge a critical gap in automation while giving them more visibility and control over the automation running in their environment,” said Laun. “Bringing workload automation and robotic process automation together further amplifies their efforts with the convenience of a single vendor.”

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