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Fortra’s Adversary Simulation and Red Teaming Solution for Proactive Security

While employing defensive measures to prevent cybercriminals from breaching security measures are critical initiatives, more is needed to protect your infrastructure. Proactive, offensive layered security solutions are now just as much of a necessity. Security teams need to be able to get into the mind of an attacker and see where an organization’s exploitable weaknesses are so they can close them...
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Fortra’s Penetration Testing Solution for Offensive Security

Cybersecurity is no longer a one-dimensional, defensive only mind-set. Attacks have become multi-pronged and organizational security solutions also need to act offensively. Proactive, layered offensive security should include multiple security solutions, including penetration testing, to uncover security risks before they’re exploited. Fortra’s Core Impact enables security teams to go on the...
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2023 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results Revealed

Fortra’s annual IBM i Marketplace Survey provides a close look at how organizations running IBM i are using the IBM Power hardware and the operating system. Watch this webinar and hear exclusive insights from a panel of IBM i technology experts.
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Fortra’s Vulnerability Management Solutions for Proactive Security

Cybersecurity needs have grown well beyond antiviruses and firewalls. Proactive, offensive security measures are crucial to help avoid the damaging effects of an attack, including customer and credibility loss, compliance penalties, and expensive corrective security actions. Frontline Vulnerability Manager and beSTORM Dynamic Application Black Box Fuzzer can save your team valuable time and...
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Infrastructure Protection for Proactive Security

Infrastructure Protection for Proactive Security Today’s threat landscape is moving so rapidly that it’s essential to anticipate attacks and adapt your cybersecurity strategy to avoid becoming the next security breach. Such devastating breaches can cripple an organisation, slowing or halting day-to-day operations and doing significant harm to a business’ reputation. Join our infrastructure...
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Expert Tips for IBM i

Stay ahead of the IBM i curve and watch this webinar to understand the recent IBM market trends and technology launches and how they affect your IBM i.