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[WEBINAR] Fortra Proof of Concept

Session DetailsFortra takes being your cybersecurity ally seriously. That’s why we’ve been challenging the security status quo in 2024, and we’ve got the tangible results to prove it.We’re leaving our mark on the market with new extended detection and response capabilities, enhanced threat intelligence, BEC research, responsive development, strategic partnerships, and more!Watch this webinar as...
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Sequel Data Warehouse ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Overview and Demonstration

When data comes from all over your IT environment and is accessed in different ways by different users, your organization faces a lot of issues. Not only is the data inconsistent, but each database formats and delivers data differently. And there's no single filter through which all data goes to make sure it is high quality. That's where Sequel Data Warehouse can help. By accessing any data and...
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IBM i Performance Week

Robot Monitor and Performance Navigator are powerhouses when it comes to performance monitoring and management. That’s why it’s essential for your team to understand how to harness their raw potential and put them to work so that nothing you deem critical slips through the cracks. This webinar series is your chance!
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Making the Most of the Audit Journal

Watch IBM i pros Steve Sisk and Amy Williams to discover how to securely deploy ACS, how to use IBM i as a Certificate Authority (CA), how to configure ACS to use TLS, and other ACS security best practices.
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Be an Automation Hero: Unleash Your Superhuman Abilities

Facing increased workloads, fewer resources, and waiting for someone to come save the day? Never fear, Fortra’s Automate is here! Automate takes the power of robotic process automation (RPA) to new heights using four distinct capabilities. These superpowers come together to turn anyone—regardless of coding experience—from a zero to an automation hero. In this on-demand webinar, Darrell Walker,...
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Ensuring compliance with DORA and NIS2 for IBM Power

Most organizations have to comply with some regulation or cybersecurity standard and keeping up with changing requirements is often a challenge. DORA and the updated NIS2 directive by EU are just around the corner and will raise the bar even further. Join this session to find out what the new requirements are and how your IBM Power systems may be impacted. With a finite amount of resources, it’s...
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Elevating Cloud Security: MFT Best Practices & Insights

Whether your files are located in the public cloud, private cloud, or within a hybrid environment, managing file transfers securely is essential for businesses today. GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution provides the security and control needed to move data confidently between systems, locations, users, and trading partners. In this webinar, we will delve into the design and...
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Why Don't Companies Role Swap?

Watch this webinar to learn why companies aren't role swapping and how simple role swaps can be with Robot HA’s intuitive technology and dedicated services team.
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[WEBINAR] Security Leader Panel Discussion

Session Details Cybersecurity is a team sport. It’s heroes versus adversaries. All for one and one for all. Or else. With mounting cyber threats, tectonic changes in the digital landscape, and AI infiltrating all aspects of business, seasoned cybersecurity leaders turn to fellow practitioners to find solace and solutions. Fortra CISO Chris Reffkin leads a panel of security experts from...
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How Fortra Enables Your Zero Trust Strategy

The concept of using a Zero Trust architecture in cybersecurity has been around for more than a decade, and its fundamental principle of “never trust, always verify” sounds straightforward enough. However, there’s a lot of noise around Zero Trust, often generated by vendors promising that their solution is that magic silver bullet to all of your Zero Trust problems. This can muddy the waters and...
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IBM Access Client Solutions for System Administration

Nowadays, the modern ACS is the go-to tool for many. But what are its capabilities? What is included? And how can system administrators leverage it? Watch this webinar on April 30th to learn more about how Access Client Solutions (ACS) can assist in system administration.