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2021 Business Intelligence Week

Watch this webinar series for your FREE opportunity to learn what every user should know about Sequel Data Access, plus advanced tips and tricks for improved IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) business intelligence.
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IBM i Automation Series: Performance

Watch this webinar series for your FREE opportunity to learn what every user should know about Robot Monitor and Performance Navigator software for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) monitoring, plus advanced tips and tricks.
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IBM i Gets No Respect

Watch this webinar to learn what you should do to safeguard IBM i when adding additional partitions (VMs), standardizing technologies, migrating or consolidating servers, and more!
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How to Move to Power10 the Right Way

If you have a Power Systems hardware upgrade in your future, watch this webinar for expert tips on how to size, secure, and manage your new investment.
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What's Trending in Document and Forms Management?

Discover the latest trends that are rising to the top for document and forms management. Learn what’s in store for 2022—especially around digital transformation and automation. As these key themes become critical to organizational survival and growth, learn how they’re here to stay through 2022 and beyond.
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Reducing Risk Through Automated Forecasting and Planning

By aligning the management and planning of your IT resources with the business processes they support, you can provide more reliable and consistent service quality. But to achieve this, you need tools that can reliably give you maximum visibility into your IT assets. With IT performance optimization software from Vityl Capacity Management and network monitoring from Intermapper you can automate...
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Power10 Power Hour

In this recorded webinar, IBMers Dan Sundt and Dylan Boday join IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington for a discussion on why Power10 technology is the right strategic investment if you run IBM i, AIX, or Linux.
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Automate Customer Update

As your trusted partner on the automation journey, we’re excited to share the new ways we’re adding more value to Automate to help you increase your ROI. We’ve been working hard to improve our web automation capabilities so you can more easily and reliably build automation—and in half the time. In this customer exclusive webinar, you’ll get a tour of the newly released Automate 11.6—featuring the...
Product Video

Step Into Easier Automation with the Automate Recorder

The Automate Recorder allows you to easily and reliably build automation. Built for real-world processes, you can quickly record tasks and fit them into already created Automate workflows. Watch and follow along to this lab-like session for a step-by-step tutorial as we cover the basics on how to create recordings for functional bots. You’ll see what makes our recorder unique from others on the...