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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Protect Your Data from Email Phishing Attacks

Responding to a sender, clicking on a link, or downloading a file that may not be trustworthy can lead to data corruption, leaked confidential information, and infected devices or networks. View this infographic to see tips for protecting against phishing attacks.

Untrustworthy Email in Inboxes Reaches All-Time High

In Q1, the volume of emails classified as malicious or do not engage reached nearly a quarter of all reported emails. This is the highest combined volume of these categories since Fortra’s PhishLabs has documented this data point. Of those classified as malicious, threats considered email impersonation or, those lacking known signatures, made up a significant 98.7%. Every quarter, PhishLabs...

Data Classification and Data Loss Prevention (DLP): A Comprehensive Data Protection Strategy

Data is the world’s currency and has been for some time. Protecting data should be at the top of the list for organizations of any size, and the heart of any security strategy. Think about it: the purpose of any firewall, email solution, compliance regulation, or XDR platform is to keep data safe . Why not cut to the heart of it with a dedicated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution? And why not...

3 Tips to Strengthen AWS Container Security

Containers are fundamental to swift, reliable AWS deployment. So, how can you strengthen AWS container security?

How Fortra Supports the Zero Trust Journey

What Zero Trust means, tips for getting started, and how Fortra solutions support your Zero Trust security journey.
On-Demand Webinar

Demystifying Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust Security has taken on a fad-like identity. Misconceptions and lack of education have led to confusion around what Zero Trust is and how to implement its tenants – undermining the powerful role it can play in improving security maturity. In this webinar, we’ll simplify the concept of Zero Trust and share guidance from both the business as well as the security perspective to help your...

Are Cybersecurity and Data Protection Now Integral to Business Success?

A famous front cover of The Economist in 2017 declared that the 'world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.' The value of data has indeed increased significantly. Organizations rely on data and data analytics for almost every facet of their operations and use it to make insightful decisions to help move the business forward. Many have invested in the tools and solutions - AI, CRM...

Ransomware Attacks: Why Email Is Still THE Most Common Delivery Method

Organizations face a growing danger from phishing and ransomware, which have been the most common forms of cybercrime in recent years. Most businesses have fallen victim to phishing or ransomware attacks at some point. Every business needs to act against the growing threat of phishing, the primary method through which ransomware and other malware are spread. On the bright side, organizations have...