2023 Gone Phishing Tournament Report

The annual Gone Phishing TournamentTM is a free annual phishing simulation
training event that helps organizations and security leaders better understand
high-risk areas, compare phishing performance, and establish data-driven goals
with accurate benchmarking data.

The Gone Phishing Tournament Results Are In!

    This report examines overall benchmarks and trends extracted from the 2023 Gone Phishing Tournament results.

    You’ll get a complete breakdown of the event’s data by industry, organization size, and region.

    Working with Microsoft to create a real-world simulation experience, this report provides a true phishing behavior benchmarking opportunity for organizations worldwide.

    2023 Event Highlights

    • 1.37M participating end users worldwide

    • Over 250 participating organizations

    • 31 phishing templates languages

    Gone Phishing Report

    What is the Gone Phishing Tournament?


    The Gone Phishing TournamentTM (GPT) is a free annual cyber security training event that helps organizations
    strengthen their security awareness training programs with accurate phishing benchmarking data.

    The insights generated by this benchmarking data empower security and risk management leaders to:

    ✔   Better understand their high-risk vulnerabilities

    ✔   Compare phishing performance to their peers

    ✔   Set realistic objectives for user behaviors

    ✔   Establish stronger, data-driven security awareness goals

    ✔   Support the need for ongoing awareness activities

    When organizations can accomplish all this and more, they also maximize their cyber security awareness return on investment and minimize the confidential data left vulnerable by human risk.