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Interacting with Powertech SIEM Agent for IBM i

Your organization has invested in a security information event manager, or SIEM, to receive and analyse security and event log information from a variety of servers. Now they want to also get this information from their IBM Power Systems server.

Powertech SIEM Agent for IBM i

Powertech SIEM Agent takes raw security event data from IBM i and converts it into a meaningful format for security operations staff. Schedule a demo today.
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Deploying Multi-Factor Authentication in Your Enterprise

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) exists because of the steady increase in data breach events. A data breach can subject your organization to steep fines, litigation, and even criminal prosecution. And it opens innocent third parties to identify theft, which you may also be legally required to mitigate—at your own expense. MFA protects you from the most common cause of a data breach: compromised...

Download "Secure Inside and Out: Maximizing Intrusion Detection and Prevention on IBM i"

Data leaks and operational disruptions can come from any source—internal or external. To protect sensitive data from modern cyberthreats, all organizations need a robust intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS). The IBM i operating system includes advanced capabilities for detecting and preventing external threats, but there are still gaps that must be filled. Download this guide for...

How To Maintain Your Data Integrity

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) helps ensure that your critical and sensitive data is viewed and changed only by authorized personnel through approved channels. Candidates for FIM include application files containing sensitive data, such as personnel or financial data, and server configuration files.

The DDoS Deception You Need to Know About

A denial-of-service attack is any attempt to interrupt or inflict downtime upon IT systems, but a basic DoS threat is smaller in scale than its DDoS counterpart. With the former, the influx of traffic may come from a single source, while in a DDoS attack, traffic comes from numerous sources – making it more difficult to deal with.

How “Smash and Grab” Compromises IBM i

During an audit a few years ago, I revealed to the client’s security team that corporate payroll information on every employee, including the CEO, was being archived in an output queue (called PAYROLL) for weeks at a time. Due to poor configuration, this information was accessible to every employee.

What is the Value of SIEM?

As is often the case in the technology industry, the details surrounding security information and event management can be a little unclear. While vendors may offer solutions of varying complexity, there is still a basic idea behind most SIEM products…
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An Introduction to PCI Compliance on IBM Power Systems

Complying with the PCI standard is a normal part of doing business in today’s credit-centric world. But, PCI applies to multiple platforms. The challenge becomes how to map the general PCI requirements to a specific platform, such as IBM i. And, more importantly, how can you maintain—and prove—compliance?

Monitor, Capture, and Send Log Events With Powertech SIEM Agent for IBM i

In recent years, regulatory initiatives like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI, and GLBA have placed increased emphasis on the need to monitor and secure sensitive information. For example, The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard dictates one of the most stringent requirements of all—logs must be reviewed daily, and a minimum of three months of logs must be available for analysis.

Download “How IT Professionals Can Navigate PCI DSS Compliance” Guide

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to every organization that processes credit or debit card information. This includes merchants and third-party service providers that store, process, or transmit credit card data. The launch of PCI DSS helped expose serious security shortcomings, failures to follow security best practices, and a general lack of awareness of the...
Case Study

Powertech Helps the Seneca Nation Play the Security Game

The SGC has a fairly large IBM i presence, including multiple production, development, test, and training systems, in a High Availability (HA) environment. They rely heavily on their IBM i servers to run their distributed properties, including casinos, hotels, resorts, retail outlets...