Product Video

Robot Reports Overview and Demonstration

Robot Reports extracts spool file data and uses it to build customized reports that can then be electronically distributed to stakeholders, accessed and viewed via a browser, and securely stored and organized. Watch this video for an overview and demonstration of how Robot Reports works.

You’ve Upgraded Your Hardware. Now It’s Time to Upgrade Your Security Posture

If you have recently upgraded your hardware, our this is a great opportunity to establish IBM i security best practices for your organization now and into the future — and our free Security Scan will help you do just that. The Security Scan takes an inventory of your current security settings and uses the results to demonstrate your data’s degree of vulnerability and pinpoint specific weaknesses.
On-Demand Webinar

Help! I inherited an IBM i!

If you've inherited an IBM i and are unfamiliar with the platform, watch this recorded session where our experts share proven strategies for your successful education in IBM i systems management.

An IBM i Hacking Tale

Discover how penetration testing can be used on IBM i systems to find hidden vulnerabilities in your security. This post breaks down Core Impact's IBM i pen testing process from discovery to privilege escalation.

How to Meet Cyber Insurance Requirements for IBM i

Discover what cyber insurance is, the solutions you may need to qualify or lower premiums, and what Fortra offers to assist your IBM i organization with becoming cyber insured.