2023 Gone Phishing Tournament Report

Working with Microsoft to create a real-world simulation experience, this report provides a true phishing behavior benchmarking opportunity for organizations worldwide.
Live Webinar

2023 Gone Phishing Tournament Results

Join Fortra experts, and guest speakers from The National Cybersecurity Alliance and Microsoft, as they present highlights and discuss results from the 2023 Gone Phishing Tournament. With over 1.5 million emails sent to participating end users, it’s one of the biggest phishing simulation events of its kind!
Live Event
Join this four-day, FS-ISAC-sponsored event to learn from about Advanced Email Security solutions and topics related to cybersecurity and the global financial system.
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6 Cybersecurity Thought Leaders on Data Protection

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The 2022 Phishing Benchmark Global Report

Drive effective behavior change and strengthen security awareness initiatives with in-depth phishing benchmarking data.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Protect Your Data from Email Phishing Attacks

Responding to a sender, clicking on a link, or downloading a file that may not be trustworthy can lead to data corruption, leaked confidential information, and infected devices or networks. View this infographic to see tips for protecting against phishing attacks.