How to Scrape Data from a Website (Tutorial)

Spending too much time going to websites and manually entering data into spreadsheets? While they may seem simple, these types of tasks eat up a great deal of time, and with manual data entry, are incredibly error prone. But with a web scraping tool, you can scrape data from a website, saving your team time and reducing errors. And with the right tool, you won’t need to write a single line of code...

RPA vs. API: Differences and Use Cases

At its very core, the goal of automation is to take routine, repetitive tasks off the hands of time-strapped employees. Robotic process automation (RPA) solutions are designed to do this, but some lack an important feature that can make simplifying your tasks much harder than it needs to be—API connectivity. In this blog, we’re going to take you through the definition of both RPA and APIs, share...

How to Extract Data from Websites to Excel Automatically (Tutorial)

Tired of your staff wasting countless hours pulling critical information from the internet–like contact information, shipping tracking, competitor pricing, data from portals, and more? While these tasks might seem simple, searching websites and portals and copying and pasting the information into Excel can quickly take up a lot of your team’s precious time. Plus, manually entering data into a...
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Boost Your Cloud Security with MFT

Whether your files reside in the public cloud, private cloud, or within a hybrid environment, GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) delivers the security and control you need to move data confidently between systems, locations, users, and trading partners. In this video, Ray Sutton, Solutions Engineer, and Tim Shaw, Solutions Engineer, Fortra, will provide a high-level look at GoAnywhere MFT’s...
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Hacking Humans: Unmasking the Deceptive

What are the most common phishing techniques used by cybercriminals? John Wilson joined the Hacking Humans podcast to discuss phishing and email impersonation attacks, and strategies organizations can use to stay safe.

What’s New on Release Day 2023.4

In this issue discover how Fortra has strengthened email security and phishing protection with new rules and automation. Additionally, offensive security has added new capabilities, while data security has improved incident workflows for better threat remediation.

Patch Tuesday Update November 2023

This month brings us 63 Microsoft CVEs and 15 non-Microsoft CVEs, with Microsoft continuing the recent trend of splitting out CVEs. To understand this a bit more, we need to talk about CVE Numbering Authorities or CNAs.