Getting Started with IBM i Security: Malware/Ransomware

Just like any other OS, Power systems are highly vulnerable to malware attacks if the proper security measures are not put in place. Watch this recording for some critical tips and best practices for protecting your systems from malware. If you would like more detail on how to create an effective malware defense strategy, you can watch the full, one hour version of this recorded webinar: Malware...

Gaining Control of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulations

Here’s your one-stop guide to cybersecurity regulations for the financial services industry — from the U.S. to the UAE. Find out how Fortra’s powerful portfolio can streamline financial service security compliance for your organization. Financial Cybersecurity Regulations to Know PCI DSS — Protecting the payment card industry against liability SWIFT — International electronic messaging standards...
Press Release

Fortra Announces Replacement for Db2 Web Query

Fortra today announced the availability of its business intelligence solution Sequel as a secure and supported alternative for Db2 Web Query, an IBM i tool recently withdrawn from the market.

What is Hyperautomation?

For many organizations, what were once islands of automation are converging. And they’re realizing there’s even more labor in their organizations that can be automated. But to bring it all together, they need a craftier strategy to make it happen. Enter hyperautomation . What started as the latest industry buzzword, has become a critical discipline to add to your digital transformation strategy....

What Is Cybersecurity Maturity?

A mature cybersecurity program is essential for the ultimate survival of any organization facing today’s challenging threat climate. Learn the essentials of cybersecurity maturity and prepare your organization to get to the next level.

10 Common Security Misconfigurations and How to Fix Them

Is your organization using default security settings, or do you have a security configuration management (SCM) program in place to ensure your configurations are as secure as possible? Misconfigurations are a leading cause of unauthorized access and security breaches, creating entry points for hackers in servers, websites, software, and cloud infrastructure. The Open Worldwide Application Security...
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Make the Most of Showcase with Version 10

Watch this webinar from Showcase Support Team Leader Brandy Lulling to make sure you are getting the most out of your Showcase software. We’ll bring you up to speed on how to complete the migration to Showcase 10, the latest features, and recent enhancements you may have missed if you’re already on Showcase 10.
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How to Transfer Data Securely When Moving to The Cloud

There are many protocols and methods to transfer data with customers and trading partners, all with varying benefits and drawbacks. Cloud platforms offer native tools to transfer data, but they are not interoperable with other cloud uses and configurations. This results in companies having disparate methods of sharing data which can become confusing, ineffective to manage, and hard to keep secure...