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A Single Pane of Glass for Multi-Platform Systems Management

Bring disparate systems, platforms, devices, and applications together in one place and on one screen to make systems management easier and create a consistent and common methodology to varying departments within the IT infrastructure. Combining Halcyon’s Enterprise Console, Operations Center Suite, and Network Server Suite can provide a single pane of glass for managing your IT environment. See how here.

The Importance of VIOS

VIOS is considered a standard in organizations running IBM i, AIX, and Linux workloads. But don’t put your business at risk by letting it run unchecked. Learn five areas you must be monitoring.
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What’s New with Halcyon?

Looking for an easy way to catch up with Fortra and hear how the new features in Halcyon may benefit you and your company? Here’s your chance!

Availability Reporting for Managed Service Providers

Proving that you are meeting service-level agreements shouldn’t be a wasted effort. In fact, it should strengthen your relationship with clients and help your team manage performance in the future. See how.

Network Server Suite

Network Server Suite provides comprehensive monitoring and automation for Windows, AIX/VIOS, and Linux servers and SNMP devices.
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Overwhelmed by Operating Systems?

You’re responsible for looking after Windows, Linux, AIX, and VIOS, but you worry that you don’t understand their complexities well enough to make your job effective—or easy.
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SunGard Public Sector Uses Halcyon's Operation Center

Halcyon’s Operations Center Suite enabled SunGard Public Sector to use an intuitive tool to automatically handle the vast majority of alerts arising from the monitoring solution, with business-critical alerts sent to a technician trained to immediately deal with systems issues.
Case Study

Remote Monitoring Using Operations Center Suite and Network Server Suite

The City of Corpus Christi uses Halcyon’s Network Server Suite, a fully integrated solution that manages all network servers and devices from a single console, and Halcyon’s Operations Center Suite, an enterprise console for IBM i centralized monitoring and management, to streamline their department.