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Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i

Satisfy your auditor requirements with reports that provide a complete audit trail of privileged user activity with Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i. Schedule a demo today.
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Controlling Insider Threats on IBM i

Despite the avalanche of regulations, news headlines remain chock full of stories about data breaches, all initiated by insiders or intruders masquerading as insiders.

How “Smash and Grab” Compromises IBM i

During an audit a few years ago, I revealed to the client’s security team that corporate payroll information on every employee, including the CEO, was being archived in an output queue (called PAYROLL) for weeks at a time. Due to poor configuration, this information was accessible to every employee.

The Modern Alternative to Authority Adoption

There are several considerations with authority adoption. Each is important but can usually be accommodated. But what is the effect if the program owner has the same or less privileges than the user that called the program?
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An Introduction to PCI Compliance on IBM Power Systems

Complying with the PCI standard is a normal part of doing business in today’s credit-centric world. But, PCI applies to multiple platforms. The challenge becomes how to map the general PCI requirements to a specific platform, such as IBM i. And, more importantly, how can you maintain—and prove—compliance?

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Insiders are responsible for 34 percent of data breaches—and insiders are also the most difficult threat to control control on IBM i. You can't lock them out completely because your IBM i users need at least some level of access to do their jobs. So, how do you ensure users have only the access they need without overburdening IT with manual processes that distract from other critical projects? We...

IT Security Compliance 101

In this compliance 101 primer, we'll look at three high-profile breaches from the past year, each of which shows what can go wrong when data oversight isn't up to snuff. Along the way, we'll discuss some basic fixes that can help shore up network defenses.

Effective Log Management

IBM’s customers are turning to Power VM virtualization to consolidate multiple workloads onto fewer systems increasing server utilization and reducing cost. However a virtualized server landscape on several different IBM platforms (IBM Power Systems™, IBM System x®, and IBM BladeCenter®) may reduce hardware complexity but this puts a strain on supporting the entire lifecycle of analysis...