How to Give Invoice Processing a Boost in Your Business

One of the most repetitive, time-sensitive, and resource-intensive functions within an organization is invoice processing. Learn how intelligent document processing can boost accounts payable automation and robotic process automation, and deliver tangible benefits to your business.
On-Demand Webinar

Streamline the Day-to-Day with IT Automation

In this on-demand webinar, the automation experts from Fortra and CM First to explore ways to leverage IT automation tools in your most critical business projects—including those on IBM I, including those generated with CA 2E(Synon) and CA Plex.

Fortra's Automate Services Guide

With Automate Services, you can rapidly achieve ROI for your RPA project and increase confidence in your investment. We offer a variety of services, including automation assessments, implementation support, implementation templates, upgrade services, migration services, and good morning reports. View the Automate Services Guide to learn how you can get up and running quickly and ensuring ongoing RPA success.
On-Demand Webinar

Automating Your Microsoft Applications with RPA

If your business relies on Microsoft applications like Excel, Word, SharePoint, Active Directory, and others, you could be saving hours by automating. Watch this webinar to learn how to easily automate your Microsoft applications with robotic process automation.

Top 10 Use Cases for Automation in Finance

Read our top 10 automation use cases for the finance and accounting department and discover how an RPA solution can transform your business by streamlining your most repetitive processes.

How to Make Sense of Front-End and Back-End Automation

Evaluating opportunities for automation in your business should start by understanding different automation approaches. In this blog, learn about front-end and back-end automation, discover processes well-suited for each type, and explore how you can evaluate current processes to determine the best fit for your organization.

How to Maximize the Value of RPA with Intelligent Process Automation

Delivering on the promise of digital transformation requires the ability to harness both structured and unstructured data. Learn about the different types of data within organizations today, and uncover how combining AI and machine learning with the power of RPA delivers intelligent process automation that solves the biggest document processing challenges in business.