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NetWalker Helps Clients Build Stronger Networks with Intermapper

NetWalker provides businesses with network security and monitoring solutions and hardware. These offers are sold online on NetWalkerStore with a wide range of computer and network hardware connectivity for private and public sector organizations across France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. NetWalker also has a blog about network monitoring with Intermapper. NetWalker works to provide...
Case Study


Company Background Frontline Technologies is a market leader in workforce management software. The Pennsylvania company serves thousands of global clients through its three applications: Aesop, an automated substitute placement and absence management system; Veritime, a time and attendance product; and Jobulator, an automatic job-notification service for substitute teachers. One in every five U.S...
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SharkNinja Uses Fresh Retail Data for Fast Decision-Making with JAMS

Company Background SharkNinja is the maker of class-leading Shark® vacuums and steam mops, and the innovative line of Ninja® kitchen appliances. Shark® and Ninja® are two of several house-care brands developed by SharkNinja Operating LLC, a pioneer in small household appliances and cleaning solutions that fit the lifestyles of busy people. The company’s products are widely distributed through...
Case Study

Oregon School Boards Association Uses RPA to Maintain Critical Policies

The Oregon School Boards Association is a non-profit member services agency for more than 200 locally elected boards serving school districts, education service districts, and community colleges. OSBA helps locally-elected volunteers fulfill their complex public education roles. Watch the video to get a snapshot of their story and read on for more details.
Case Study

Humanitarian Organization Reduces Application Slowdowns by 94%

Organization Description: This humanitarian group organizes more than 500,000 volunteer employees to help victims of tragedy across the United States. Business Value of Vityl Capacity Management (formerly TeamQuest): Vityl helped this non-profit reduce the number of application slowdowns by 94 percent in only four months.
Case Study

Financial Services Giant Optimizes, Virtualizes, and Saves Big Money

Business Value of Vityl Capacity Management (formerly TeamQuest): Vityl helped to significantly optimize the physical CPU base, maximize usage of CPU and memory resources, lower the cost per unit of CPU to clients and improve the time to market. The Fortune 500 financial services company now charges 25 percent less per unit of CPU in its virtualized environment. These benefits have helped justify...