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Workload Automation in the Modern Enterprise

Because there is still a need for recurring application processes to perform activities, there is an increased need for critical back-end computing via workload automation software.

Calculating the True Cost of Bad Data

Bad data is common throughout many organizations—and the costs can be far-reaching. This white paper explores the common causes of inaccurate and incomplete business data, as well as how businesses can identify and mitigate these problems.

DevOps Development: Keeping the Lights On

Overview: The DevOps methodology embodies two core philosophies: decreasing the lead time of software deployment and the automation of delivery and testing. DevOps emerged as a practical response to the agile development movement, in contrast with traditional, phase-based or “waterfall” development, which is inefficient and labor-intensive. Traditional methods should be phased out, and companies...

Controlling SSH for Security and Compliance

SSH is nearly ubiquitous in today’s enterprises, and is the predominant tool for managing unix and linux servers, and the applications and data that they host. Poor practices around the deployment and management of the SSH infrastructure could easily leave your enterprise vulnerable to a breach. Are you in control? SSH, Secure Shell protocol, is now nineteen years old and broadly deployed across...

Enterprise Monitoring Success

Thinner profit margins and higher customer expectations mean IT needs to up their game. Learn how enterprise monitoring can help and how to deploy a quality enterprise monitoring system successfully.

Beyond Cron, Part II: Practical Task Scheduling Deployment

One of the best things about the UNIX environment (aside from being stable and efficient) is the vast array of software tools available to help you do your job. Traditionally, a UNIX tool does only one thing, but does that one thing very well. For example, grep is very easy to use and can search vast amounts of data quickly. The find tool can find a particular file or files based on all kinds of...