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Bank Info Security: Interview with Kate Bolseth

Michael Novinson interviewed Kate Bolseth for Bank Info Security. They discussed Fortra’s strategy, solutions, and the security related challenges faced by our customers today.
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Fortra Introduces New Integrations for Offensive Security

Fortra today announced new integrations for its offensive security solutions that streamline capabilities for vulnerability management, penetration testing, and red teaming. Working together, the solutions apply the same techniques used by threat actors to identify and exploit gaps in an organizations’ security. With this proactive security approach, customers can find and fix weaknesses in their security posture before they are exploited.
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MySecTV: Advancing as a Cybersecurity Ally

Anirudh Chand, Head of Solutions Engineering, Asia Pacific and Japan, spoke to MySecTV about the cybersecurity landscape in his region and how Fortra helps strengthen customers’ security maturity with a comprehensive solution portfolio.