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Optimizing Containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift

The container deployment model offers component autonomy, elasticity, and scalability in a way that no other framework has done before. But to reap the benefits, you need to adopt new ways of managing and optimizing your environments and their underlying resources. Learn how to manage the performance and resource planning of container workloads.

VCM Enterprise

VCM Enterprise allows you to get insight into your hybrid IT infrastructure, plan accurately for future needs, and prevent problems before they occur.

How to Do IT Cost Optimization

Our years of experience shows that organizations waste 30% of their hybrid IT spend, on average. This article identifies the five key components of a cost optimization strategy and how to be successful with each of them.
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How to Choose a Capacity Management Tool

Finding the right capacity management tool for your organization can be a complex and confusing process. How do you start the search? Which features and capabilities should you prioritize? It’s important to have a plan and a framework to evaluate your options. Join capacity management expert, Per Bauer, as he explains the different types of capacity management tools and how to evaluate each one’s...
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How to Effectively Use and Manage Container Workloads

When a new technology breaks into the market, many organizations decide to adopt without a plan for managing performance and capacity. But just like with other workloads, it’s essential that your Docker and other container workloads are monitored and managed as a part of your hybrid IT environment.
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Improve Your IT Maturity with the Capacity Management Maturity Model

There’s a lot of pressure on IT to always have services up and running at peak performance and at the lowest possible cost. In a complex hybrid IT environment, this is a difficult task, with public cloud services, new technologies, and updated management paradigms to consider. It’s not enough to have software to optimize your business services. To maximize your efforts and tools, you need to...
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What’s New in Capacity Management? Improved Data Collection

Your IT team needs visibility into how systems and applications are performing. The higher the data resolution, the more precisely and accurately you can pinpoint causes of spikes in resource usage. Monitoring data that allows you to profile infrastructure resource and application usage is foundational to a successful capacity management practice. The versatility and quality of the empirical data...

Vityl for Cloud Management

Hybrid Cloud Management Hybrid cloud refers to a mix of public and private cloud resources. Many organizations are moving their IT footprint to the cloud because running applications in the cloud often removes the capital expense of purchasing hardware and software, which can save money. Cloud deployments also allow IT professionals and business leaders to provision resources more quickly and...
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What’s New in Capacity Management? Azure Monitoring

Nearly every business is moving at least some of their applications to the cloud, whether they’re launching a new application, migrating part of a datacenter, or transforming to DevOps. If your company is moving to public or private cloud, you’ll need to monitor your cloud infrastructure to make sure that you are managing cost and optimizing resource consumption. Our newest release of Vityl...
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What's New in Capacity Management? Improved IT Efficiency

Improving IT efficiency is essential for IT teams looking to do more with less. Watch the on-demand webinar to see how Vityl Capacity Management helps you identify underutilized resources easily to make the best use of IT resources.

How to Answer Key Capacity Planning Strategy Questions

Anyone who works for a large organization knows that July isn’t just a time for fireworks and BBQs. It’s also when you plan your budget for the next fiscal year. If you work in IT, you know you’re always expected to have an answer for everything. But when it comes to planning your budget, there are really only two questions that need to be asked. Do you have enough resources on hand for the next...

The True Cost of Workload-Related Outages

Underestimating the consequences of downtime can be hugely detrimental to your productivity. Accurately calculating those costs won’t just prevent disasters, but also help you effectively manage your capacity planning efforts.

What is Capacity Planning?

What is Capacity Planning? IT capacity planning is a process used to manage IT service delivery. Business services depend on IT resources in most organizations. Retail organizations need IT to make sure their POS system stays up and running – even on days with unusually high transaction counts, like Black Friday. Banks and other financial services providers need their infrastructure to stay up and...