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Data Security

Keeping your organization’s data secure is as critical as it is challenging. Learn how to protect sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, whether it’s shared, stored on-premises, or housed in the cloud. 

Infrastructure Protection

Securing your networks and infrastructure requires a thorough understanding of any vulnerabilities that exist. Discover how to proactively identify weaknesses and prioritize your response while keeping compliance requirements in mind.


Many organizations look to the cloud to run mission-critical applications and expand their storage capabilities quickly. Learn about the considerations for the various types of cloud environments and the pros and cons of these approaches.

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There’s a lot to know when it comes to addressing cybersecurity as part of compliance mandates. Learn about many of the most common regulations and how you can meet the requirements with the right solutions.


Automation enables organizations to get more work done despite lean IT and security teams. Discover the many options for automating repetitive tasks and time-consuming business processes—and why this capability is essential to achieve ongoing productivity and employee satisfaction. 


Fortra is home to the industry’s top experts on the IBM i platform. Learn how this highly reliable technology supports IT excellence and keeps key business applications up and running. 

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