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A Guide to IBM i Message Management

This guide teaches you how to handle IBM i message management, including the fastest and more accurate ways to monitor for messages, filter critical messages, and escalate messages to members of your team as needed.

Be in Control of Your ERP

Many ERP packages have built-in schedulers. However, these schedulers are typically not flexible or robust enough to meet the needs of even the smallest data center.

Realize ROI with Robot

Robot has a reputation for providing high-quality systems management software and backing it up with great support. These additional benefits can help you justify the cost of automation at your company.

Robot Autotune

Automate the time-consuming task of tuning your IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) system with Robot Autotune. Robot Autotune continuously adjusts your system performance and uses a breakthrough technique of isolating each batch job in its own dynamic pool as it is submitted.

Mobile NOW for Robot Network

The web interface for Robot Network is a browser-based tool that uses Fortra Insite to help you access system performance data for your network of IBM i systems from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can also work in the Robot Network Status Center to see and respond to messages and other events that have been escalated to the Robot Network host system.

Robot Network

You want to manage your Robot software solutions and get a high-level look at performance metrics from a single view. Robot Network gives you the one-stop management you’ve been searching for.

User Interfaces: GUI vs. WUI

You might be asking yourself, “What’s a WUI?” At Robot, WUI stands for web user interface, and we think it has some big benefits that are giving the GUI a run for its money.

Robot and FlashCopy

Last month, Chuck Stupca (retired IBMer) and Chuck Losinski (Fortra) presented a webinar discussing FlashCopy for IBM i. Based on the attendance, it looks like this is a very important topic for many of you so I wanted to explain how FlashCopy ties to Robot products.

Robot Best Practices

Wondering about best practices for automating your IBM i processes with Robot systems management solutions? Take a look at this list and get off to a good start.