iForms enables you to create professional forms and reports from any data source.

Fortra's Automate: Build-A-Bot Workshop

The Build-A-Bot Workshop is designed to fast track your company's automation initiatives. This workshop is delivered in three segments to maximize the knowledge transfer of what RPA can do, how to prioritize process candidates, and get started with bots. The implementation activities are delivered on a pre-paid basis. Key Deliverables Quick, in-depth assessment of Automate Kickstart organizational...
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How to Upgrade to IBM i 7.5

During this webinar, Peter Graves joins IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington to share top planning tips, hardware and software prerequisites, and post-installation requirements—your upgrade isn’t complete until this last step is done!

RPA & API Integration

The Evolution of RPA Robotic process automation (RPA) has taken the world by storm in recent years by automating mundane tasks that humans perform manually, providing vast productivity gains. After years of automation being relegated to IT departments, RPA has progressed to what it is today—decentralized automation accessible to all employees throughout an organization, from citizen developers to...
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IBM i Automation Series: Job Scheduling

Watch this webinar series for your FREE opportunity to learn what every beginner should know about Robot Schedule software for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) automation, plus tips and tricks for the veterans.
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Boost Your IT Department with RPA from Automate

The pressure facing IT teams has never been higher. With an increase in responsibilities coupled with ongoing staffing shortages, there’s less time to focus on driving innovation and strengthening the value of the business. As challenges grow, ease the burden on your IT department with robotic process automation—to boost productivity, maximize efficiency, and optimize your resources. In this on...
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Build a More Resilient Business with Fortra’s Hyperautomation Suite

Organizations everywhere are looking for a way to expand their automation footprint to further optimize operations. And they’re turning to hyperautomation. What started as an industry buzzword has quickly emerged as a necessary strategy that allows organizations to digitally transform their business to be more resilient, agile—and competitive. Darrell Walker, Solutions Engineer, will take you...

The Difference Between OCR and IDP

Compare optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent document processing (IDP) to learn when to use each to make structured and unstructured data more usable.
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Advanced Automation: Injecting JavaScript into Web Browser Actions

JavaScript injection is a very powerful action for web browser automations. This allows users to interact with a website exactly as the website is expecting. Adding JavaScript to Automate’s web browser actions takes your automation a step further, allowing users to build automation that controls the site as a human would when needed. Austin Stanley, Technical Consultant, leads this customer...
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Whether it’s robotic process automation (RPA) or business process automation (BPA), Automate has you covered. Register now to see automation in action and get the chance to ask any questions you might have.

3 Key Differentiators in Matchup of Automation Anywhere vs. Fortra's Automate

Robotic process automation (RPA) is transforming time-consuming, manual processes across industries, with robust growth expected over the next several years, according to recent research . The market is expected to grow from $2.4 billion in 2021 to nearly $6.5 billion by 2025, a 170% increase. Not all RPA solutions work in the same way nor solve the same business challenges, however. As the RPA...
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Unlock Enterprise Automation with Automate Plus

Looking to expand your automation across users and bots? With Automate Plus, you can extend your capabilities by integrating frontend and backend automated workflows across your business. Watch now to learn how enterprise automation gives you the ability to build end-to-end automation that’s scalable, secure, and resilient. In this session we’ll cover: An overview of the Automate Plus architecture...

Lessons Learned from IBM's Native Scheduler

The systems that businesses rely on today are increasingly complex and challenging to manage without sophisticated job scheduling tools. According to the annual IBM i Marketplace Survey Results , only 22 percent of IBM i shops are running the IBM i operating system exclusively. 68 percent are also running the Windows OS, another 56 percent are running Linux, and 26 percent are running AIX. That...