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Case Study

Robot and Medical Mutual: A Prescription for Success

Medical Mutual has capitalized on its expertise and sound management to grow into a $1 billion company. Underpinning that success is its sound IT infrastructure, automated by Robot products from Fortra.
Case Study

Robot Helps Knoll Design for a Better World

With an IT staff of just 34 to support a company with worldwide revenues of about $780 million, Knoll likes to run lean. So, they rely heavily on two of the Robot products: Robot SCHEDULE and Robot REPORTS.
Case Study

How CalSTRS Benefits from Real-Time Mapping and Monitoring

"InterMapper's probes poll all our devices twice a minute. They return a lot of information: if the device is alive, if it's responding to SNMP, and if all the interfaces are up." - Shawn Hickox, Lead Network Engineer of Enterprise Iniatives and Technology
Case Study

Tipton Hospital and Sequel: A Great Team

IU Health Tipton Hospital found that the Return On Investment for Sequel was fast. “We’ve really cut down on printing—we cut our report volume in half and that means a nice savings. Sequel has saved us a lot of money. It’s also nice that it’s so easy to put the data into Excel.
Case Study

Sequel Helps Stewart & Stevenson Keep Moving Forward

Much like the 24/7 support it provides to customers, Stewart & Stevenson has found around-the-clock service for data access and analysis with Sequel. Sequel helps support continuous operations by reading and converting different types of data.