Automated Integration: The Fuel for Your Digital Transformation

As organizations embrace digital transformation, there are certain concepts and technologies that are crucial to maximizing the benefits. The various types of automation are essential for achieving your digital transformation, but without application integration , you could end up with a tangled mess of siloed applications and systems. And while automation and application integration may seem like...
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JavaScript injection is a very powerful action for web browser automations. This allows users to interact with a website exactly as the website is expecting. Adding JavaScript to Automate’s web browser actions takes your automation a step further, allowing users to build automation that controls the site as a human would when needed. Join Austin Stanley, Technical Consultant, in this customer...

The 10 Principles of Automation

Our experts developed the following best practices for easing automation implementation and advancing automated operations over the course of 30 years of working to help businesses make their processes more efficient. Let the countdown begin!

What to Look for in Web Scraping Tools

The internet provides all the information you could ever want, right at your fingertips. While it’s made accessing information—like market research, stock information, and content aggregation to name just a few—much easier, manually grabbing data from websites can still be a daunting, time-consuming task. By investing in web scraping software web scraping software , you can streamline workflows...

RPA vs. API: Differences and Use Cases

At its very core, the goal of automation is to take routine, repetitive tasks off the hands of time-strapped employees. Robotic process automation (RPA) solutions are designed to do this, but some lack an important feature that can make simplifying your tasks much harder than it needs to be—API connectivity. In this blog, we’re going to take you through the definition of both RPA and APIs, share...

What is Hyperautomation?

For many organizations, what were once islands of automation are converging. And they’re realizing there’s even more labor in their organizations that can be automated. But to bring it all together, they need a craftier strategy to make it happen. Enter hyperautomation . What started as the latest industry buzzword, has become a critical discipline to add to your digital transformation strategy....

Download the "Webdocs Accounts Payable Automation Guide"

Learn About the Inefficiencies of Manual Accounts Payable (AP) Processing and How Webdocs for AP Eliminates Them Labor expenses typically consume 62% of total accounts payable costs. In other words, AP processes are intensive and inefficient when performed manually. Webdocs for AP's automation capabilities pave the way for user and departmental efficiency by lowering processing costs, creating...

Fortra's Automate: Expert Services

Summary Fortra offers Expert Services to its Automate customers. A Fortra automation consultant will partner with your team and provide several services related to the Automate solution, including but not limited to: Expert Advice: Assist and advise on configuration changes in the customer environment. Mentoring and Training: Provide one-to-one customized training on product features to strengthen...

What is IT Process Automation? How to Build a More Resilient IT Department

As IT environments grow increasingly complex—and budgets and staff resources shrink—IT teams everywhere are looking for ways to fill the gaps. And they’re turning to IT process automation software. In fact, per Fortra’s recent IT automation survey , 72 percent of users say they’re looking to expand automation within the next year. Curious how your IT department can utilize a process automation...

Enterprise Automation: The Holistic Guide

Enterprise IT automation that leverages a strategic approach helps manage diverse automation tools and solutions holistically. Learn more about the key principles to embrace for holistic enterprise IT automation.