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Hyperautomation: The Next Big Thing in Automation?

Hyperautomation has quickly emerged as a hot topic in the automation space. And research firm Gartner agrees—identifying it as one of the top 10 strategic technology trends. But is it worthwhile to add to your digital transformation strategy or a flash in the pan? Join Fortra’s automation experts for a panel discussion on hyperautomation and how it’s more than just a trend—it’s a discipline. In...

Workload Automation (WLA) vs. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automation remains a popular technology for businesses of all kinds. Within the realm of automation, there are a lot of acronyms representing different tools and approaches—two of the most common are workload automation (WLA) and robotic process automation (RPA). As you plan your strategy, it’s important to understand the differences of workload automation vs. robotic process automation. Both have...

What's New in Automate

Version 11 of Automate has just been released. Find out more about the new built-in actions, updated interface, and increased flexibility.

The IT Automation Survey

Companies continue to embrace digital transformation to navigate the post-pandemic climate. From economic uncertainties to an ever-shifting job market, IT automation tools are helping organizations meet the moment. And as automation solutions - and strategies - have evolved, we wanted to take the pulse of our users and get a snapshot of the state of IT automation and what’s top of mind as they...

The Citizen Developers Guide to Automation 

Citizen Developers: A New Frontier in Efficiency With IT teams stretched thin, and the availability of low-to-no-code tools, organizations around the globe have seen an increase in employees outside the IT department automating routine tasks and applications. Called citizen developers, these non-technical resources can add significant business value as they seek to automate routine tasks and...

Automation vs Hyperautomation: Learn the Differences

Gartner forecast a $600 billion global market in 2022 for technology that powers hyperautomation. Without a doubt, hyperautomation has quickly moved from an industry buzzword to the way companies of all sizes approach automation. Surveys from the technology research and consulting firm show that a majority of CEOs and two-thirds of boards of directors are demanding operational excellence and...

The RPA Buyer's Guide

The RPA Buyer's Guide Everyone has repetitive, manual tasks that take up their precious time. They’re tedious to get through and eat up the time you could be spending on more important work. With a robotic process automation (RPA) solution, you can reclaim your time by streamlining your processes. Simply put, RPA is transforming the way businesses operate. RPA solutions are designed to boost...

Attended RPA and Forms

There’s more than one way to automate a process—but results may vary. That’s why it’s critical to understand the different types of process automation so you can determine how to build a workflow that will best meet your goals. Let’s start by discussing unattended vs attended RPA. In unattended automation scenarios, the bot executes without any human participation. An attended bot, on the other...

Alternative to UiPath: Fortra's Automate

As the RPA market has evolved three types of vendors have emerged based on increasing sophistication — and often — greatly increased costs. At one end you’ll find low-code or no-code automation products that offer desktop automation or productivity for individuals but can lack the functionality that would allow automation efforts to grow in number and complexity. At the opposite end, you’ll find...
On-Demand Webinar

Out With AFP, in With iForms

Watch now for an informative webinar where Document Management expert Greg Schmidt discusses iForms' value as a modern alternative to AFP and walks you through how to use iForms to create a variety of business critical documents.


iForms enables you to create professional forms and reports from any data source.