Agari Product Releases

Welcome to Release Day 2023.2 

These pages are designed to give you highlights of the innovative new features now available within the latest versions of the solutions you rely on. The products you use on a daily basis fall within suites that solve similar business requirements. These suites fall into three major portfolios, Infrastructure Protection & Data Security, Intelligence & Automation, and IBM i & Additional products. This new structure has been created to build solutions that meet specific organizational needs, and ultimately create the best experience for our customers.

You'll notice a Fortra Release Rocket beside some release announcements, denoting a major release. Note that you'll still see timely bug fixes and minor releases throughout the year to provide you with the best usability and experience for your Fortra products. 

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The Latest from Agari

Agari protects brands and people from devastating phishing and socially-engineered attacks. Using applied data science and a diverse set of signals, Agari protects the workforce from inbound business email compromise, supply chain fraud, spear phishing, and account takeover-based attacks, reducing business risk and restoring trust to the inbox. Agari also prevents spoofing of outbound email from the enterprise to customers, increasing deliverability and preserving brand integrity.

Recent product releases include:

  • Introducing Agari DMARC Protection 
    • For those who missed it, we're excited to announce the rebrand of Agari Brand Protection to Agari DMARC Protection . While the functionality remains the same, the name change better reflects the product's core capabilities. Agari DMARC Protection simplifies authentication by providing insight into all legitimate email sources, provides assurance that all third-party senders conform to your email standards, and offers detailed reporting and analytics that aggregate DMARC data by using AI and data science. 
  • Individual Display Name Imposter Model Updates are Live 
    • Agari Phishing Defense (APD) has introduced an enhanced ML model to detect and stop individual imposters in addition to recently added threat indicators, such as attachment hashes in Phish reports, from PhishLabs' Suspicious Email Analysis. The Individual Display Name Imposter Model (IDNI) has now been updated to enhance APD’s threat detection capabilities and stop more impersonation threats that attempt to deceive employees by spoofing executive's names. 
    • Another threat detection enhancement coming soon is malicious email address indicators that have been vetted by PhishLabs experts and sourced from employee-reported impersonation emails globally that have evaded SEGs and other controls and landed in user inboxes. 
  • Enable Enforcement on Agari CDR Feeds for Enhanced Protection 
    • Agari Continuous Detection & Response (CDR) events provide vetted threat indicators from world-class threat detection experts, enriching your organization's overall threat intelligence and protection. Don't let known threats linger in employee inboxes. Whether threats were previously delivered or currently in your inbound mail flow, CDR publishes event feeds of malicious indicators as they are reviewed and verified by Fortra's team of professionals, allowing customers to navigate to their organization settings page and choose a default enforcement action for these feeds.  
  • On-premises Sensor Release 
    • If you host an on-prem Agari sensor for message metadata collection and enforcement in an on-prem email environment, an update is now available. The latest version supports OAuth authentication via Azure AD for on-prem Exchange, several operational upgrades, software package updates, and bug fixes. Users can update their sensor by visiting the Sensors page in the APD web application, clicking "Update Now," and selecting the new version. 

Fortra continues to enhance compatibility and interoperability between products! We have created a complementary bundled offering between Agari and PhishLabs to meet emerging customer requirements. You can find out more about the product pairing here