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These pages are designed to give you highlights of the innovative new features now available within the latest versions of the solutions you rely on. The products you use on a daily basis fall within suites that solve similar business requirements. These suites fall into three major portfolios, Infrastructure Protection & Data Security, Intelligence & Automation, and IBM i & Additional products. This new structure has been created to build solutions that meet specific organizational needs, and ultimately create the best experience for our customers.

You'll notice a Fortra Release Rocket beside some release announcements, denoting a major release. Note that you'll still see timely bug fixes and minor releases throughout the year to provide you with the best usability and experience for your Fortra products. 

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The Latest from Globalscape

Fortra’s Globalscape EFT™ (Enhanced File Transfer) offers an advanced, powerful managed file transfer (MFT) solution designed for Windows-centric organizations. With robust, secure Globalscape in place, enterprises can replace insecure legacy FTP servers and inflexible and haphazard homegrown file transfer systems while keeping data security top of mind.

Recent product releases include:

  • Globalscape Update Fortra Release Rocket
    • Updated to Automate 2024 
    • Added a web administrator console  
    • Added OAuth support for outbound email 
    • New Functionalities and Enhancements  
      • Support for Email OAuth 2.0 
      • Support for Google Drive 
      • Support for Google Cloud Storage 
    • Security Improvements:  
      • SFTP Public Key Select: Added ability to sort Name and Fingerprint columns 
      • Added OpenID to Advanced Authentication Modes for improved identity authentication 
      • Updated OpenSSL library 
      • Changed minimum password length 
    • Event Rules Updates: 
      • Date range specifications 
      • Name alias of directory 
      • Failure cause indications 
      • OpenSSL signature verification 
      • Google Drive storage compatibility to Cloud Connector Module 
      • Ability to generate users in EFT without manual intervention 
      • Added multiple AWS S3 regions to Connection Profiles 
    • Advanced Workflow Module Updates: 
      • Updated task builder 
      • Now linked to Fortra Automate Connector hub 
    • Administration, Web Admin Console, and WTC Enhancements: 
      • Added support for OAuth for outbound email (Microsoft 365 and Gmail) 
      • Added a new web administration console and ability to view and manage users in the console 
      • WTC and Workspaces: Removed domain.username from shared workspace link notification 
      • Added redirect to WTC home page and login when URL is invalid 
      • Updated Angular to version 16 
    • REST API Enhancements:
      • Added new Event Rule counters under "Get Node Metrics" 
      • Added ability to kick, lock, and unlock user accounts  
      • Added ability to generate ARM reports in PDF, HTML, and VP formats  
      • Added filtering option to the user’s endpoint, which will help EFT administrators with multiple user accounts defined within EFT​ 
      • Extended support for the EFT Generate Support Bundle feature 
      • Added ability to add sorting functionality to the User endpoint, including by group 
      • Added support for EFT administrators to change EFT password and specify admin roles access  
    • Other Enhancements and Updates 
      • Improved accessibility of email templates. EFT administrators can view, edit, and remove available templates in the administration interface as well as create custom templates. 
      • Module Updates for Auditing and Reporting and Remote Agent 
    • Bug Fixes:  
      • Removed deprecated EFT client tables from ARM database (SAT_ Emails, SAT_Files, SAT_Transactions). 

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