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Welcome to Release Day 2023.4 

These pages are designed to give you highlights of the innovative new features now available within the latest versions of the solutions you rely on. The products you use on a daily basis fall within suites that solve similar business requirements. These suites fall into three major portfolios, Infrastructure Protection & Data Security, Intelligence & Automation, and IBM i & Additional products. This new structure has been created to build solutions that meet specific organizational needs, and ultimately create the best experience for our customers.

You'll notice a Fortra Release Rocket beside some release announcements, denoting a major release. Note that you'll still see timely bug fixes and minor releases throughout the year to provide you with the best usability and experience for your Fortra products. 

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The Latest from Fortra's Data Classification Suite (DCS) 

DCS (formerly Titus) is synonymous with world-class data classification and our solutions are key components of Fortra's robust data security portfolio. DCS solutions are trusted by millions of users around the world, including top military, government, and Fortune 100 organizations. With the addition of data identification and advanced machine learning technologies, DCS has evolved into a global leader in enterprise-grade data protection solutions. 

Recent product releases include:

  • DCS Analytics Collector 2023 Fortra Release Rocket 
    • This release reduces operational set-up, delivers performance improvements, and removes the Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) dependency. 
  • Data Detection Engine (DDE) On-prem 2023.0 HF1 
    • This release fixed the Data Detection Engine (DDE) client extension installer to work with the currently shipping version of DCS for Windows and the next release of DCS for Data at Rest (formerly Illuminate). The release package includes two versions of the DDE client extension installer (2023.0 and 2023.0 HF1). 
  • TCS for Google Cloud 2023.05 HF3 
    • This release improves the user experience workflow for labeling and sharing classified documents in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides and addresses all of the following reported issues: 
    • The Classification Selector icon not appearing in Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Sheets, and Slides. 
    • The classification selection only being applied after refreshing the browser. 
    • The classification icon hiding cell count data in Google Sheets. 
    • The settings.js file not loading at the same time as other JavaScript files and the classification icon not appearing in some instances. 
  • TCS for Google On-prem 2020.0 SP1 HF11 
    • Fixed issue with the Classification Selector icon not appearing in Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Sheets, and Slides. 
  • DCS for Microsoft 365 2023.10 
    • This release adds Date Schema Field support. Configuration options include allowing users to pick any date from a calendar or defining time periods that users select from a dropdown. 
  • DCS for Windows 2023.0 HF1 
    • Supports ML extensions. 
    • The WebAppPoolPassword is no longer exposed in plain text; the password is no longer written to the registry. 
    • Smart Regex and Categorization dependencies were not loading when installing DCS and the DCS Console; this has been addressed. 
    • The Data Detection Engine (DDE) functions in this release of DCS for Windows. 
  • DCS Policy Manager 
    • Delivers multiple schema mapping improvements. 
    • Adds various configuration options, including option buttons, the ability to include embedded images in attachment checks, and Favorites Menu text customization. 
    • Improved user experience for entering numeric values in textboxes, using the scrollbars, and creating alternate text groups for a Schema Field Value. 
    • Added the HTML Editor to more Action parameters. The HTML Editor lets you add color, formatting, and links to content. 
    • Improved licensed-based filtering for Actions and Custom Conditions. 
    • Added error messages to provide clearer instructions. For example, you will see an error message if your Configuration is too large to publish. 

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