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The Latest from Alert Logic

Alert Logic delivers unrivaled security for any environment, delivering industry-leading managed detection and response (MDR) and web application firewall (WAF) solutions. Our purpose-built technology and team of security experts works closely with each customer to understand unique needs and business context, allowing you to achieve maximum value from your existing security technology stack by augmenting with our real-world expertise and technology. The capabilities and outcomes you need are delivered in an easy-to-consume way, enabling the right-size security coverage across your entire estate.  

Recent product releases include: 

  • Alert Logic MDR
    • Incident Console Improvements (June 2023): Alert Logic has released several updates to streamline working with incidents in the Alert Logic console including: 
      • Improved layout showing more incidents on screen 
      • Faster page load speed 
      • Improved navigation 
    • AWS CloudTrail Logs (July 2023): With the update to our support for AWS CloudTrail log data, more CloudTrail logs are being parsed and incidents generated from CloudTrail logs have more detailed recommendations. 
    • Increase Vulnerability Accuracy and Consistency (July 2023): Alert Logic has released several updates to align vulnerability counts in the Alert Logic console including: 
      • Improved data linkages in the vulnerability dashboard and exposures UI 
      • Sync last scanned and last seen dates for vulnerabilities 
      • Better visibility and guidance when assets have too many vulnerabilities and exceed the size limit 
      • Improved grouping of SSL Weak Cipher exposures 


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