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The Latest from Outflank

Outflank Security Tooling (OST) is a broad toolkit crafted for advanced red teams. It includes tools for generating initial access payloads, a C2 framework and various post-exploitation tools that integrate with Cobalt Strike and Core Impact. The toolkit is designed to battle the modern EDR landscape and has a cloud-based delivery mode (SaaS), which allows for a very fast cycle of updates and new tool releases. 

Recent product releases include:

  • Cobalt Strike Integrations: Evasive Sleep Mask 
    • A custom tool that obfuscates how Cobalt Strike’s sleep mask looks in memory. 
  • Regcertipy           
    • A new tool that parses the registry to find certificate templates. 

Recent product updates include: 

  • Stage1 v. 2.4.0 
    • SOCKS5 support added to allow operators to tunnel supplemental red team tools through an OST implant. 
  • Cobalt Strike Integrations: UDRL 
    • New loader and YARA bypass information has been added   
  • KernelKatz and KernelTool 
    • Updates made to enable bypassing of Microsoft’s Vulnerable Driver Block List 
  • Knowledge Sharing Videos 
    • New deep dive videos on Stage 1 automation and Window Kernel Drivers. 

To get more details on all of the new tools and updates for OST, check out the release notes.  

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